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From: jesse panther
Subject: college dorm fun,part 5Hey guys.Hope your ready for Thanksgiving.I hope to be like the turkey.flat
on my back,arms and legs up in the air,and my hole ready for stuffing.A few
rules,please.You must be of legal age to read this,if you are offended by
gay sex or underaged sex.please leave now.This story is the property of the
author,and is copyright,2009.No reuse or reproduction of this story without
the author’s permission.Please,practice safe sex guys.OK-I think that should
do it guys,I hope you enjoy your reading pleasure.The weekend after my visit to Joey’s hometown, Joey’s moms brother died in
a car wreck,and my roommates had to go to the funeral.I offered to go with
them,but they said I didn’t need to,leaving me alone for the weekend,sure
to fire up some porn to jack off to.Suddenly.around six Friday evening,there came a knock on the door.I wasn’t
expecting any company,so I was wondering who it could possibly be.Upon
opening the door,a good looking hard body younger dude was on the otter
side.He grinned,offered me his hand,saying”Hey dude,I’m Brandon,Jeff’s
cousin on his dad’s side.I go to the Military Academy across town,and have a
weekend pass.I thought I’d stop to visit them.”I introduced
myself,saying”Good to meet you
Brandon,I.m Jesse,but my room ates mom’s brother died and they went to the
funeral.not coming back till Sunday.But feel free to come in if you
like.”Needless to say I had a raging boner.Now,about Brandon,he recently
turned sixteen,stood six foot one,weighed-about one hundred eighty
pounds,and even his muscles had muscles.He has coal black hair,brown
eyes,and a smile that just wouldn’t quit.I asked him if he wanted to stay a
while,and if he needed something to drink.He says”Jesse,you got any beer?”I
broke out a couple beers and we turned on some music.After about four
beers,Brandon was starting to catch a buzz.This
song came on,and he starts
doing a seductive strip tease in front of me.I was really drooling when he
was totally
naked,showing off his soft cock.Brandon grinned, saying “Jesse dude,I can
tell you like what you see.I came over here to let Joey blow me,why don’t
you get
your clothes off, and you can take his place.”That’s all I needed to
hear.Brandon quickly walked into my bedroom laying on the bed.I was quickly
behind him, dropping down between his legs.mushing on his huge low
hangers.He was moaning,telling me how great my tongue and lips felt on his
big balls,telling me he was going to make me his bitch boy before he left.Brandon started slapping his now erect nine inch cock over my face,leaking
his pudding over my face.I went up,started to lick his pre-load off his
slit.He started saying”Fuck,Jesse,suck me,do not make me wait.I want you to
eat my sperm before I ram my boy cock up
your love chute baby.”I said nothing,just shoving my lips over his raging
boner. After I got about five inches down my throat,Brandon started lurching
his hips forward.putting his hands behind my head,shoving my lips down into
his pubes, making me deepthroat his boy dick.Judging from Brandon’s moans
and his irregular breathing I figured he was close to shooting his sperm.I
slid two fingers into his tight hole,which made him shoot his thick,creamy
sperm deep into my throat.
Btandon was still hard,and with lust in his ESE,asked “So,Jesse, you gonna
give up your ass Lolita Underage Nude
to my hard young boy cock?”If you are get on your
stomach,so I can fuck your hot chute doggy style.”I immediately complied
with his request.He shoved his dick quickly into my horny twitching ass.It
seemed liked he fucked me for twenty minuted before he shot off,again.Brandon and I started cuddling and kissing.He was hard quickly again,and
“Hey Jesse,let me fuck you
again,OK”And I did,this time on my back.After taking his third load,my new
lover said
“You know what I think Jesse?I think you’re a flaming faggot that likes to
take boy cock,aren’t you?”I
whimpered,,”Yeah,Brandon,I do.”He then offered me an invitation.”Why don’t
you stop over at the Academy,where I’m at school,around Lolita Underage Nude
five some
evening?That’s when weight lifting is over.and most of the lifters stay for
man on man sex.I know they’d love to take you on.And you would love to suck
and fuck all of them, wouldn’t you?”I merely replied”Hell yeah,you got a
new cum bucket.”I started stroking his boner,and it quickly responded by
growing in my hand.As soon as Brandon was hard again,he fucked my ass
again.He stayed the weekend,and I lost track of how many times we got each
other off.Thanks for reading,guys,,Emails appreciated,with constructive criticism,and
suggestions,..All flames
will be Lolita Underage Nude deleted.Thanks,Jesse.

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